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Mizzima: Burma returned 71 Banglade

Burma authorities returned 71 Bangladesh nationals

Dhaka, June 1, 2000
Mizzima News Group

The Burmese authorities had handed over 71 Bangladeshis who were
arrested by Burmese border forces last year to Bangladesh Defence Rifles
(BDR) personnel recently.

The Bangladeshis who were arrested in November 1999 allegedly inside the
Bangladesh territory were returned after a recent flag meeting of the
two countries held at Maung Daw Township of Arakan State, the Taknaf BDR
sources revealed yesterday.

All 71 Bangladesh nationals arrived at Taknaf border police station and
returned to their homes last week. Most of them stay at St. Martin
Island (Shinma Phyu Kywan), Moheskhali (Mahazo Kywan), Ukhiya and

It may be mentioned here that according to BDR sources, more than two
hundred Bangladesh nationals are still in Burma jails, mostly in Arakan

At the flag meeting, the Bangladesh delegation also urged the Burmese
counterparts to take back those Burmese nationals who had already served
their prison terms but still languishing in Bangladesh jails.

Total 500 Burmese citizens are now in various jails in Bangladesh and
more than two hundreds of them have already served their prison terms
but remains in the jails as Burmese authorities refused to take them

Some Burmese prisoners had attempted to commit suicide and some had
revolted against the jail authorities, as they become frustrated.

As per the prison rules in Bangladesh, a foreigner who completed the
prison term has to be handed over to his or her respective country's
diplomatic mission in Bangladesh. Although Bangladesh Home Ministry has
several times written to the Burmese mission in Dhaka, there has been no
positive result yet.

Mizzima News Group