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Myanmar's Tourist Arrivals Drop

Myanmar's Tourist Arrivals Drop
Xinhua, Rangoon, 1 June 2000.   A total of only 59,742 foreign tourists
visited Myanmar in the first two months of 2000, a 9.9 percent drop
compared with the same period of 1999 when 66,349 came, the country's
Central Statistical Organization said in its latest report.

In the whole year of 1999, a total of 255,879 foreign tourists visited
Myanmar and the country's foreign exchange income earned through
tourism in the year was only over 30 million U.S. dollars.

With 13,984 hotel rooms and 521 licensed tour companies, Myanmar
targets 500,000 tourist arrivals annually.

Since the country opened up to foreign investment in late 1988, it has
absorbed 1.1 billion dollars of contracted investment in the sector of
hotels and tourism in 30 projects.