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Burma Out!! JUNTA SCUM

This is why His Bunnship got a mite
peeved on this Easter Monday morning in

This dude spent quite a long time preparing this for
my breakfast consumption. Now I bet that he wishes 
he did not..  After all, the embassy at Charles St, is
only a "stones throw" away from here.. ;-) And
grenades are getting cheaper by the day.

Habbly Easter ;-) folks

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Subject:  Harbouring thieves is a criminal offence
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2000 15:49:18 +0900

Harbouring thieves is a criminal offence 
Today, that country has become a safe haven, 
a sanctuary, for not only expatriates and 
runaway groups such as ABSDF, NCUB, 
NCGUB, FTUB, DAB, DBSO and so on but 
also terrorists, robbers and criminals like those 
who forcibly seized the Myanmar Embassy in 
Bangkok, plus hijackers and saboteurs.
As already pointed out in some articles, a top 
Thai person once fled his country to Myanmar, 
sleeking asylum here. Later the matter was  
resolved with the Thai Government and he 
returned to his homeland. In international law 
there are provisions concerning asylum. In  
stipulations concerning UN and its agencies 
there are no provisions by their head offices 
giving the right to the international 
organizations to grant asylum. A nation may 
grant political asylum to a person or a group of 
persons when their lives are in danger.
In the matter of Myanmar expatriates starting 
from the time of U Nu, it was not that they fled 
the country because the Government was 
about  to arrest or kill them. They put 
themselves in self-exile with the aim of 
grabbing power. In 1980, the Government 
invited those self-exiles and insurgents 
proclaiming general amnesty. An official was 
sent to U Nu who at that time lived in India and 
asked him to return. Personnel were also sent 
to, Thailand .come other self-exiles back to the  
homeland. The media highlighted the reunion of 
political colleagues in the country.
The Tatmadaw (Armed Forced) Government 
has invited the armed group in the jungle to 
return to the legal fold and take part in the 
community welfare activities. Eventually, 17 
armed groups, small groups and sub-groups 
have  returned to the legal fold. All were 
warmly welcomed back with forgiveness in 
amity. Necessary assistance was provided for 
their accommodation and livelihood.  
Successive Myanmar governments have 
announced general amnesties and offered an 
olive branch time and again to them for the 
sake of establishing national reconsolidation 
and national reconsolidation. This is the 
sincere wish of Myanmar people. But after the 
fall of the four-eight riots, students by hundreds 
or thousands were pushed to the border areas 
to become runaways, at the hands of so-called 
democracy leaders. Some of them on reaching 
the border realized their misdeeds and returned 
to the embrace of their parents.
Some perished, some had their lives ruined, 
some got sent to other  countries to be put to 
use.. After the assumption of the duties of 
State,  the Tatmadaw invited the students, who 
had been misled, to return to their parents. The 
State issued a directive to the State and 
Division Law and Order Restoration Councils 
on 11 October 1988. 
The directive issued by the State said the boy 
and girl students who were frightened into flight 
were known to have reached the areas of KNU, 
Mon and Kayinni insurgent groups along the 
Myanmar-Thai border and most of them were 
encountering abject conditions, that some were 
said to have returned to their parents, that if 
there were those who wished to return to their 
parents or who had done so they were to be 
looked matter was to be reported is the 
different levels of the authorities, and that 
arrangements were to be made to send them 
back to their parents if their return took place in 
their own  States/Divisions or townships.
On 13 October that year, directives were 
issued to open 27 reception camps. On 3 
November 1988, the State also announced that 
it had  opened reception camps to receive the 
students who had realized their misdeeds, to 
extend help and to get them back to their 
parents through the respective Township Peace 
and Development Councils  systematically, 
that some of the students had got back to their 
parents without reporting to the reception 
camps and, in case both the student and his or 
her parents were worried, the Township and 
Ward Peace and Development Councils were 
to immediately announce and call in them, 
register them and educate them township-wise 
so that they could live on in peace of mind.
The Government distributed leaflets with the 
aim of getting students  to return to the bosom 
of their parents and to continue to pursue their  
education peacefully. Leaflets were air-dropped 
in the  border areas. It was also broadcast by 
Myanma Radio and Television. Bo Mya issued 
an order that students who had arrived at KNU 
camp, were to listen to BBC, not to MRTV. 
Circulated were rumours that the military  
government  arrested students who had 
returned to the bosom of their parents, at night 
and bayoneted them to death. 
Up to 7 March 1991, a total of 3,354 came 
back. A reception camp  was jointly opened by 
two countries in Tak, Tak District, Thailand, 
and  students were brought back by plane. 
When parents and their children met again in In 
Yangon, all were in tears as if Paulckharavasa 
rain was pouring down in torrents. During that 
period, there were 50S youths who returned to 
the legal fold after realizing their misdeeds, and 
the number mounted up to 3,859. The number 
of youths who were prevented from returning to 
the legal fold due to intimidation of insurgents 
and persuasion of the West bloc with the use 
of dollars, was not small. Now, these poor 
youths have become professional  
destructionists, unruly terrorists and traitors to 
the national cause.  
In his speech made at the General Assembly 
of the UN held in  September 1999, Minister for 
Foreign Affairs U Win Aung invited Myanma 
youth students who have been abroad, to come 
back to their own country and to rally round in 
building a new nation with full goodwill, loving-
kindness and sympathy of parents. Much to 
amazement, in the news broadcast by VOA 
(American) in the evening of the day when the 
speech was made, NCGUB, ABSDF and 
others responded by turning down the invitation 
of U Win Aung on that very same day. The 
student youths with whom it was concerned, 
did not have a chance to know the invitation of 
U Win Aung, and in their stead, lackeys of 
colonialists answered and rejected it.
All things considered, it can be said that no 
one from Myanmar, which forgives her own 
citizens with amnesty, peace, invitation and 
offers, is  in any mortal danger to justify being 
given asylum in foreign countries. There are no 
refugees who have been driven out of the 
country. There  may be insurgents under the 
cloak of refugees.
As is known to all, Myanmar does not harbor 
opposition groups, rebels and insurgents of any 
countries. It does not accept any kind of  
runaways and absconders out of the framework 
of law including KMTs who fled from China and 
Thai communists. Even if these runaways and 
absconders made excuses that they resorted 
to armed struggle line for the independence 
and freedom of their country, democracy and 
human right, Myanmar would not accept them.
There is no way to regard the raiding of the 
embassy, the armed  violence and the robbing 
of documents and funds as the demand for 
democracy. If every-terrorist who commits 
violence, killing, looting,  sabotage and 
kidnapping all over the world today gives an 
excuse, the situation will be difficult.
The NLD Gang of Ten is so bold and audacious 
in sacrificing student youths and seeking self-
interests. They made arrangements in  
cooperation with those from abroad to see to it 
that the youths took a course of violence. After 
that, they are pretending as if it were not them.

They make denials where they feel they 
should. Then, they  consoled them by patting 
their backs. Once, there was a story. More 
truly, it was during the colonial period. An 
English officer went out for  hunting. He was 
accompanied by his follower Apana. Apana 
shot an elephant, and the animal died. The 
English officer arrived at that place,  and said 
with his thumb up, "I shot it, I shot it." Putting 
one of his legs on the carcass of the elephant, 
he posed for photos. While photos  were being 
taken, officials from the forest department 
arrived at that place, and took action on the 
charge of shooting the elephant of the  forest 
department. At that time, the English officer, 
pointing his finger at Apana, said, "I did not 
shoot it, he did it, he did it." Now, NLD is  
ruthlessly using Myanmar youths, saying 
alternatively that he shot it and I shot it, as it 
suit them.
As to whether or not it is right or wrong to 
regard terrorist and insurgent acts perpetrated 
against Myanmar as the fight for democracy, 
the answer can be known if the situation is 
taken into account in accord with the 
international law, the Venna Convention and 
the UN Charter. According to Myanma law, 
harboring thieves is a criminal offence.


BCP (Burma Communist Party)'s Conspiracy 
to take over State Power in August 1988 

NLM's Article : Harbouring thieves is a 
criminal offence