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Burma Out!! Columbia

The Okkarthingmachine from Juntastein wanted to know
if I knew the meaning of Easter?

Maybe if the junta released 1,500 prisoners
and poor James too, maybe then we would understand
the true meaning of a JuntaEaster huh? Gawdski, where do
the junta get all this "talent"? The graveyard?

Historical Outline Of The FARC-EP

Now Available In English: "Historical Outline Of The FARC-EP"

"Historical Outline Of The FARC-EP", originally "Esbozo Historico FARC-EP" in
Spanish, is now available. It effectively summarizes the epic struggle of
the Colombian people and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of
Colombia-People's Army (FARC-EP) to build a new Colombia, free of the
decades-long injustice, state terrorism, and gross human rights violations.
The book consists of contributions from veteran guerrillas and historical
documents and photos from 1964 to 1999.

The book discovers the roots of this struggle in the horrendous violence
unleashed after 1947 by Colombia's U.S.-backed ruling oligarchy against
its opponents. Popular resistance finally forced the ruling circles to
change tactics, and in 1964, at Marquetalia, Tolima, the government
launched a massive attack on 48 peasants defending themselves against
state terror. The FARC-EP was born of their defiant response.

They persevered in struggle for peace with social justice and now operate
nationwide at the heart of opposition to the oligarchy and
neo-liberalism. The FARC-EP's successes have obliged the government to
talk peace since January 7, 1999.  Documents from this period conclude the

This publication will help to clear the fog of misinformation about the
just struggle of the FARC-EP and the Colombian people and defeat the media
campaign slandering the FARC-EP as "narco-guerrillas" and "terrorists".
Everyone interested or ready to aid this worthy endeavour should purchase
a copy.

Please send your cheque or money order for $14.00 payable to "Historical
Outline" to PO BOX 69051 Toronto, Ontario, M4T 3A1, Canada (this includes
shipping). U.S. orders in U.S. dollars.

Please assist our purpose by circulating this message as widely as
possible. Thank you for your interest.

Follow the plea by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, and the 
appreciations of HH the Dalai Lama, the Shan 
Democratic Union,  film maker  John  Pilger, the Free 
Burma Coalition,  author Alan Clements,  MPs Dennis 
Skinner, Tony Benn, Ann Clwyd, Maria Fyfe, Mike 
Hancock,  Congress-woman  Maxine Waters,  Dr and 
Welsh rugby star JPR Williams, Hendrix  bassist  Noel 
Redding,  S African jazz pianist Abdullah Ibrahim,  All 
Burma Students Democratic Organisation,  All Burma  
Students Democratic Front, Tasmanian Trades & Labour 
Council,  SACP, COSATU,  Tim Gopsill, editor.  
The.Journalist@xxxxxxxxxx, and numerous others.  

Supporting a Genuine war upon drugs and human rights abuse.
Sydney 2000 : Burma Out! 

Music Industry Human Rights Association
http://www.mihra.org / policy.office@xxxxxxxxx 
Union Action   http://www.mihra.org/2k/union.htm
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Founded during UN50. Mihra's roots are in music and
anti-racism and  was first in line in calling for a sports 
boycott of Burma for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. 
The report of the UN Special Rapporteur on Myanmar
issued on 14 March can be found on the website of 
the UN Commission on Human Rights:  www.unhchr.ch
Mihra also advances protection of creators rights in 
a market, currently 93.8% monopolized by the 
recording   / publishing Grand Cartel.