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Burma Out!! Slitting Throats.

To all those who represent the Burmese military junta

In this case? "John Mayor" jmayor@xxxxxxxxx

Listen John Mayor (Major as in UK Con PM?) 
or whoever you are. On this Easter Monday.
And we all want you to crawl back from under the 
filthy rock  from which sired thy neougliness upon 
this planet.

>>>Harbouring thieves is a criminal offence 

Having people like you alive on this already brutal planet,
is getting a little wearing. Maybe someone could 
take you away and shoot you sometime in the future
, you mouthpiece of shtt 

>>>Today, that country has become a safe haven, 
For Khun Sa and all the rest of the drug dealing b'stards
who hold James Mawdsley, and 1,500 others in custody

Oh go to Hell. No one listens to you. The junta are
paying you for nothing. You make no impression, you 
are yesterday's  beast of the jungle. You are a dog, 
so tired of normal life, you eat your own offspring..
It's time you were sent to meet your seed, the evil
from which sprang your father and mother.
For now you are a junkie to the false, you are a handmaiden 
to both murder and torture. Soon karma will take
up your soul, and throw you into the pits of Hell. 
After you are dead, your children and family will suffer 
the terrible pains of the innocent. Just as the innocent 
suffer at your hands, so too will you and yours.
That I promise, and you can ask around the Internet.
I always keep my promises. 

Now, answer me you nasty little Burman fascista dkhead. 
What's your REAL NAME?

One misses the old days of violence in the right cause
a touch, especially  when reading your waste of space 
Got any relatives or friends living in the UK?
Fk you. Come over here and I will personally cut your 
stupid throat from ear to ear. Got it?

And for which, I am told,  I shall be no doubt,
rewarded by the Gods ;-)
Excellent huh ;-) It's called the "new deal".. 

And that's How to rid oneself of junta scum, and stop
86% of all the heroin in Aus, reaching the streets.

Slit the throat of a junta bum today folks!!
Habbly Easter!!!