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Response to ECHELONY@aol.com: (r)

Let Aung San rest in peace, pal.
Green card?  Refugee-card (SLORC terms it "begger's ticket").
When you can't find specific accusation against some of us, you usually 
associate us with those GreenCards, Refugee-Certificates.  Even Aung San 
Suu Kyi is not free from this lebeling art.  They reflect only your 
living status adjustment, not your political and national identities.  A 
Chinese is a Chinese.  A Burmese will forever be A Burmese. Only fools 
will believe that the green-card, refugee-card holders are not 
revolutionaries, not patriots.
Are you swallowing whatever SLORC said into your mouth?  Then you are a 

Your criticism is quite welcome but your abuse will not be excused.
The world is too small for all of us to hide.
Come out as you are and show your true colors.
You can give me any terms/labels you want.  I will listen closely to 
what you say.  But to be more authentic, show yourself.
Don't stay anonymous. Why anonymous?
When you want to express good-will, you might come out as you are.
When you want to displace your own egoistic repression on others like 
Aung San, you become anonymous?
>From now on,  I will not take anything serious written under anonimity.

Talk the truth.

Kyaw Kyaw Htut

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>>  Where did you learn the history of Burma independence struggle, pal?  
>>  Aung San killed those fascist-minded aliens and was polite to all 
>>  people in his self-sacrificing effort for the national freedom. He 
>>  didn't kill any civilized and freedom-loving people, including the 
>>  so-called communists, who believed that freedom must be achieved 
>>  bloody fight. He both fought and dialogued. A man of uncomparable 
>>  qualities and flexible attitudes toward not only his people but the 
>>  people of the world.
> Whether Aung San was friendly, intelligent ,self-sacrificing or not 
you have
>opinion, others have theirs. I never talked nor dealt with him and I 
>think you did either. So we could argue until the cows come home and 
>would not have a conclusion about his character. In my previous letter, 
>criticized Aung San as an opportunist because of his act. In my 
opinion, his
>flip-flop behavior certainly did not win much support overseas. Tactful
>strategy is one thing. Flip-flopping is another. He died early, 
>people of Burma would be dissapointed  sooner or later.
>>  Don't blame the dead father of Independence who did nothing special 
>>  his own personal benefits.  Blame me and other those who survivie 
>>  can't make the meaning of independence fully effective for the whole 
>>  population's well-being.
>>  Blame those self-centering activists. Blame those who killed their 
>>  people and followers. Blame those who spread chauvinistic, 
>>  egoistic wrong perceptions of freedom like you.
>>  Let's me share you my sincere opinion on the same issue.
>>  The only way to achieve peace and freedom for the people of Burma is 
>>  make a mass-suicide: all babaric SPDC leaders and the manipulative 
>>  democratic and ethinic leaders must suicide.  Does it sound 
>>  thinking?
>Why not have the courage to speak up ? You hope someone will get rid of 
>preferrably kill off those stupid military generals currently 
"occupying" the
>But you can't afford to be dubbed "militant" because you want people to
>believe that you are " peaceful democratic freedom lover" so you 
invented the
>" should commit mass-suicide". Ha, what a fabulous invention!  You 
should be
>given the "most  innovative political naiveness and wish" award plus a 
>" chicken " award,perhaps.
>Along the same line of your thinking someone ( perhaps a follower of 
you ) may
>say those who dare not risk being tortured and going to jail in Burma 
>overseas with a big mouth should commit " hara kiri ". 
>I will provide knives free of charge, I promise.  
>>  If you are so much unhappy about the problems of Burma, you either 
>>  participate in the activities that promote freedom and peace in the 
>>  country or kill yourself.  This is the only antidote available for 
>>  healing your paranoid.
>>  Blaming the dead would not do anything good for the living at all.
>>  Shame on you,
>Me, killing myself ? 
>Me, killing myself to promote the " green card for me ,please please " 
>like you  ?
>No way, amigo. I have much better things to do than hiding behind the 
cloak of
>"democracy" for your own selfishness. This is America. I may be 
>Have you even thought about why a lot of other countries won sympathies 
>struggles for democracy while Burma was being neglected ?
>I know the answer, but I don't have time to explain to you. You need to 
>more intelligent to struggle for freedom. Big mouth can hold more rice 
but not
>much else. 
>>  Kyaw Kyaw Htut
>>  Indiana
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>>  >In a message dated 98-05-06 02:55:03 EDT, RAMyint@xxxxxxx writes:
>>  >
>>  >> Tell this PRC guy to explain the forced occupation of Tibet.
>>  >>  
>>  >
>>  >Is the "Free Burma" going to give the Shans, Karans, Mon, etc.....
>>  >independence
>>  >when the "democracy" is being restored ?
>>  >Aung San was no more than an opportunist trying to kiss the 
>>  ass when
>>  >the British was losing the War. Then he turned around and looked 
>>  the
>>  >British
>>  >budd when the Japanese was losing the War. 
>>  >It should not be surprising there are plenty of opportunists like 
>>  Naing"
>>  >in the
>>  >so called " Freedom Fighters" circle.
>>  >Hiding behind the cloak of " democracy" "Buddhism" doesn't conceal 
>>  one's true
>>  >identity forever!!
>>  >I challenge anyone to find a sizable nation on earth that has not 
>>  forcefully
>>  >taken
>>  >over or occupied a land that belong to some other races.
>>  >U.S., Russia, India, China, U.K. Indonesia, etc.,you name it.
>>  >Now the Burman can not find any capable person of their " own kind 
" to 
>>  get
>>  >rid of the military idiots who can't even shoot their targets 
>>  so they
>>  >start barking at other people in the hope of getting some 
>>  >Remeber barking .... don't bite !!!
>>  >
>>  >

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