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Chinese officials working on nine M

Chinese officials working on nine Myanmar bases 
Wilson John/New Delhi 
The Pioneer (May 10, 1998)
India has gathered crucial evidence of Chinese naval officials working 
on at least nine Myanmar naval bases and Chinese vessels visiting 
certain islands close to the Indian coastline to monitor signal 

Senior Government officials said they have the specific number of PLA 
naval engineers and operation officers posted at the Myanmarese naval 

The discovery of this substantial Chinese military presence close to the 
Indian shore has come at a time when both the Chinese and Myanmar 
governments have flatly denied setting up a signal monitoring station at 
Coco Islands near the Andamans. 

The new evidence of increased Chinese activity in Myanmar naval bases 
only strengthens India's suspicions about Beijing's intentions. Naval 
experts have cautioned that China might pose a long-term threat to 
India's maritime security. 

Senior officials said the Chinese have been quietly building the 
pressure by sending vessels to intercept Indian signal communications. 

Two such vessels had visited Munaung, Yan Ria and other islands in 
October and December last and January this year. 

Munaung island falls within the Danyawaddy naval regional command. 

The latest siting of Chinese vessels was in the north-west of Munaung in 
March this year. 

Intelligence reports reveal the following new developments at some of 
the Myanmarese naval bases: 

a) Coco Islands: There are six naval engineers and operation officers 
from the PLA Navy. 

b) Hainggyi Islands: Four naval engineers and operation officers. 

c) Kyakkame naval base: Five PLA Navy officers. 

d) Margui Kyunsu naval base: Four PLA officers. 

e) Tannintharyi naval HQ: Seven naval officers. 

d) Sittute naval base: Seven officers. 

e) Zadet Gyi naval base: Two PLA officers. 

f) Ayeyarwady Naval HQs: Seven PLA navy officers and engineers. 

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