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A mass-suicide! (r)


Sorry for the late reply.
If you have stayed close to the Burma democratic movement, you need no 
specific reply from me for the questions you raised.  You know by 
Basically,  I was only against the corrupted and manipulative military 
leaders in Burma.  Now I am against all those who adopted the same 
corruptive ways and means within or without SPDC.
No one should go unpunished and unnoticed for their corruption. Let him 
or her be an ethnic or a special Burman.
Can you reflect your opion on the following people in order?  Who is 
more or the most corrupted or is not corruptive?

Ne Win, Khin Nyunt, Aung San Suu Kyi, Bo Mya, Sein Win, Maung Aung, 

You will definitely include Ne WIn, Khin Nyunt, Maung Aung in the most 
corrupted leaders of Burma list.
What about the rest?  Democratic or non-democratic, ethnic or 
non-democratic, everyone who corrupts on people's power and money 
deserves the mistrust and punishment by the people.
Labels such as "democratic, ethic, alien," will not shield their 
corruptive ways and means.
Actions speak louder than Words.

Kyaw Kyaw Htut
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>Dear Kyaw Kyaw Htut,
>     You wrote: "the only way to achieve peace and freedom for the
>people of Burma is to make a mass-suicide: by all babaric SPDC leaders
>and manipulative domocractic and ethnic leaders must suicide."
>     Please explain us detail why you included our ethnic leaders in
>this context?
>     Please expalin us detail how many of ethnic leaders are in SPDC,
>SLORC, BSPP, and RC(Revolutionary Coucil of 1962)?
>     Please explain us detail how many of democratic ethnic leaders
>either inside or outside the country are doing babaric political jobs?
>     Please explain how different between ruling military generals and
>Burman democratic leaders? Are Burman democratic leaders different
>from Ethnic democratic leaders?
>     Please explain us your true identity where you belongs to? Are
>you anti ethnic leaders or anti military government? 
>     Please explain us detail as soon as possible.
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