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Indo-Burma border news (r)

Indo- Burma trade at Moreh picks up
Imphal, Nov.  25:   India and Burma have increased the volume of 
trade since opening of trade at Moreh along the Manipur-Burma 
In view of the increase in trade, the Manipur government recently 
sent a proposal to the Centre for increasing exchangeable items from the 
existing 22 to 43.
In a report sent to Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral, the state 
government urged for inclusion of small cardamom, paraffin wax, 
coconut oil, groundnut seeds and oil, washing powder, toilet soap,
cosmetics, peanuts, Burmese oringin blankets, dress materials, raw
cottons and mats, bomboo caps, bamboo-based household items,
cotton yarn, cycle and cycle parts, medicine, motor cycle, mopeds,
motor vehicles, auto parts and accessories, milk powder and con-
densed milk, cement, sanitary goods, crockery, toilet items and timber
as exchangeable items of bilateral trade.
The existing exchangeable items are mustard, rape seed, pulses,
Beans, fresh vegetable, fruits, garlic, onions, chilies, spices, bamboo, 
Minor forest products (excluding teak), betel nuts and leaves, food 
items for local consumption, tobacco, tomato, reed broom, sesame, 
resin, corriander seeds, soyabean,  roasted sunflower seeds, Katha 
and ginger.
The report further said traders have demanded that a third 
country's goods be allowed to be imported through Burma to offset
 the deficit in imports from Burma. The traders have also sought 
permission for traders from Burma to travel upto Guwahati in Assam.
Indian traders should be allowed to move upto Mandaley in 
Burma,they said. India traders are now allowed to go upto Imphal in
Manipur and Kalemyo in Burma.
North East Age