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NEWS -Myanmar Calls for Better Bank

Myanmar Calls for Better Bank Services to Customers


               YANGON (Nov. 25) XINHUA - A senior
               Myanmar finance official has called for
               giving better services to the customers,
               stressing the importance of banks' role in
               the country's economic progress and
               public confidence in banks. 

               While meeting with officials of
               state-owned banks here Monday, Minister
               for Finance and Revenue Brigadier
               General Win Tin called for improving
               dealing with the public and avoiding delay
               in depositing and drawing. 

               The minister also urged bank staffs to
               keep money safe and avoid malpractice
               and bad dealing with customers, citing
               some complaints by the public about
               cases at some state-owned banks, official
               newspaper The New Light of Myanmar
               reported today. 

               Win Tin warned that severe action will be
               taken against those who are responsible
               for bad practices. 

               According to official statistics, there are six
               state-run banks in Myanmar, and 25
               private banks have been added since the
               country reformed its financial
               management system in line with the
               market-oriented economy introduced in
               the late 1980s. 

               A total of 48 representative offices of
               foreign banks have been set up in the
               country, and some of them plan to
               establish joint ventures with local banks in
               light of Myanmar's entry into the second
               phase of its financial reform.