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Indo-Burma border news (r)

Moreh bears the brunt of violence
>From Sukham Nanda
MOREH, Nov 15: Moreh residents have always been at the receiving 
end whenever an untoward incident occurs either on the Imphal- 
Moreh road or at the border township itself.
It has now been a common feature that the Myanmarese authority will 
seal the border when something happens at Moreh. Same is the case 
with Imphal- Moreh road. Any trouble on this road means a blockade. 
And the Moreh residents, the hub of trading on the border bear the brunt 
of all these. 
As expected the poor Meiteis (Manipuri) and Muslims are the worst
suffers. Members of other communities like Tamils, Punjabis, most of 
whom are prominent traders and Marawaris can stockpile daily essentials 
to last many days.
Similarly Kukis, majority settlers in Moreh seem to be hardly affected 
by a blockade or sealing of the border. This is despite the fact about 80 
per cent of the community are either laborers or farmers.
Needless to say that any bandh or blockade results in prices of all
commodities skyrocketing and the common men continue to suffer for no
fault of theirs. 
What is the government doing all the while? To put it simply
it has completely neglected the hapless people. As a matter of fact the 
district administration does not seem to care two hoots to these problems.
The resident complained that the local FCS office has not been able to 
distribute PDS items regularly. 
They also charged that the local agents
are acting in connivance with the officials, to aggravate the situation
In short they are given a free hand with regard to fixing of prices ate. 
Talking about closure of the border trade officials at Moreh said their 
counterparts in Myanmar have never given prior notice to them. 
Another problem they said is that the staff of the local treasury office
noted for their irregularity in attending office. They seem to take
only in drawing the monthly salary, they charged.
Moreh inhabitants, however,are satisfied with the functioning of the local 
police, customs and taxation departments. In the wake of recent happenings 
at Moreh and Imphal- Moreh road security measures have been beefed up.      
The Imphal Free press
Imphal, Manipur
Date- 16/11/97