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                    INFORMATION SHEET
No.A-0186 (I / L)	 	 Date.28 -10-97
	The relevant Mayangone Township Authorities 
in Yangon received some unconfirmed news yesterday 
that the NLD is planning to hold a rally the next 
day in their Township. The Mayangone Township 
Authorities informed the Township NLD representatives 
if this information was correct. The Township 
Authorities have reminded them to have this rally 
conducted within the framework of the law and 
within established regulations governing such meetings. 
The NLD representatives have also been advised on 
ground of security and stability reasons, such 
activities should be held at Daw Su Kyi's University 
Compound where the authorities have permitted and 
assisted them whenever and wherever necessary in 
carrying out their political activities.
	The government security official in charge 
of Daw Su Kyi's residential compound also advised 
her on 27 October not to go out to make political 
activities where her safety is being exposed. 
He also suggested her to invite the people she 
wishes to meet from the respective townships 
to her residential compound and to carry out the 
meeting in safety and thus refraining from defying 
the established laws and regulations. 
He also reminded her that the government has shown 
willingness in extending efforts in the previous 
meetings to be able to carry it out conveniently 
when NLD conducted the meeting within regulations 
governing such meetings. 
	Regretfully, this morning at 9am Chairman 
U Aung Shwe , ) U Kyi Maung and Daw Su Kyi arrived 
at Mayangone Township to carry out their political 
activities in spite of the reasons and requests 
made by the relevant authorities. Therefore, 
the relevant Mayangone Township Authorities 
again requested them this morning not to hold 
this rally in their township which they fear 
that it may lead to disturbing the prevailing 
tranquility and stability the township people 
are enjoying..

It is very much regretful that inspite 
of the efforts the authorities have made in 
meeting its own commitments the NLD seems to 
have refused to meet theirs while it has chosen 
to hold to its rigid and confrontational 
approach with the authorities and not only 
to create conditions that would embarrass 
the government but also to politicize this 
incident so that their international community 
would be tricked into exerting pressure on 
Myanmar Government.