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                       INFORMATION SHEET
No. A-0187(I/L)					Date 28-10-97
		Follow up Information of Information Sheet A. 0186(I/L) 28 Oct. 
		NLD Chairman U Aung Shwe and team were requested by the Mayangone Township
Authorities to refrain from holding unauthorized rally in their township. On
their insistence the township local authorities allowed them to go to the
township NLD office.
		U Aung Shwe and team on arrival at the township NLD office realizing that
the township NLD members were not present there the group had lunch at the
office and left after having the meal at 1:30 pm. 
		It seems obvious that the NLD is on the line of creating incidents to force
the authorities to take a different stand. The government as any other
governments in the world has obligations to enforce laws intended to maintain
tranquility and stability in its country. 
		The NLD's taking advantage and exploiting this kind of situation will
regretfully, prevent Myanmar from becoming a democracy in a reasonable amount
of time if conditions necessary to create a fully functioning democracy in
Myanmar is neglected and ignored by the NLD.