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Myanmar Perspectives (August, 1997)

Myanmar Perspectives (August, 1997) is on the web.
                          Myanmar Perspectives
                     September, 1997 - Vol. 3, No.9

                                    IN THIS ISSUE 
-  Development Projects and the Uplift of Morale
-  Arbour Day (Tree Planting ) Ceremony At Watayar Village 
    Shwepyitha Township
-  Minister of Finance and Revenue Brigadier General Win Tin Addresses 
    the 1997 World Bank/International Monetary Fund Joint Annual Meeting

The Economy
-  Reach for the Skies
-  A New Chapter in Economic Partnership
-  Income Generation For Myanmar Women

Culture HighLights
-  The National Races of Myanmar: Mon
-  Myanmar Monk and Monastery
-  Are You Feeling Ahnarde ?
-  Myanmar Family Roles and Social Relationship

 Tourist Column
-  Dawei Traditional Festival of Floating Lights
-  Taungdwingyi, An Old Town Where Writers Flourished

-  Junglelore of Myanamr 
-  It's Strictly for The Bird

Attractions and Delights
- A Popular Fish

-  Descent From Tavatimsa
-  Dawn Breaks On The Ear of Light

-  Do's and Don't for Myanamr Grandparents  

Myanmar Superlatives
-  The Largest Reclining Buddha Image

Just A Change Of Outlook
-  Just A Change of Outlook 

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