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Myanmar's Fish, Prawn Exports Up in

Myanmar's Fish, Prawn Exports Up in Six Months

Xinhua, Rangoon, 23 October 2000. Myanmar exported 26,900
tons of fish and prawn in the first six months of this year, 9.3 percent
up compared with the corresponding period of 1999, according to
the figures issued by the country's Central Statistical Organization.

During the period, export earnings from the fish and prawn reached
74 million U.S. dollars, increasing by 30.5 percent compared with
the corresponding period of 1999.

Of the exports, fish accounted for 19,100 tons, while prawn
represented 7,800 tons.

Myanmar annually produces over 910,000 tons of fish and
prawn which include fresh-water and deep-sea ones and
exports 58,900 tons of them.

There are 40,480 hectares of fish and prawn breeding ponds
in Myanmar at present and more such ponds, especially the
prawn-breeding ones, are being extended in the country's seven
states and divisions under a three-year plan from 2000 to 2003.

Fishery sector is the third largest contributor to the country's
gross domestic product (GDP) after agriculture and forestry, sharing
7.3 percent of the GDP.

The sector also stands as the country's third largest foreign exchange
earner after agriculture and forestry.

Myanmar's per capita fish and prawn consumption is 18 kilos annually.

Meanwhile, since Myanmar opened to foreign investment in late 1988,
such investment in the livestock and fishery sector has so far reached
283 million dollars in 20 projects, according to official statistics.