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Myanmar's Meat Production Improving

Myanmar's Meat Production Improving Under Second Five-Year Plan

Xinhua, Rangoon, 24 October 2000.   Myanmar's meat production is
improving under its second five-year plan from 1996-97 to 2000-2001,
according to Tuesday's official newspaper The New Light of Myanmar.

Khin Nyunt, First Secretary of the State Peace and Development
Council was quoted as saying at the Eighth Conference of the Myanmar
Veterinary Surgeons Association that 10 years ago, the average annual
per capita consumption was 4.29 kilos of meat and 12.8 kilos of milk,
and it is now 7.6 and 13.6 kilos respectively.

Animal resources such as cattle, goats, pigs, chickens and ducks have
also increased year after year, he added.

He stressed the important role of veterinary surgeons who are providing
expert advice, services and technical assistance, calling on them to
effectively carry out technical work.

According to official statistics, a total of 43.5 million of animals, 
3.9 million of pigs, were bred in Myanmar in the fiscal year 1999-2000
which ended in March, 7 millions more than in the previous year.

Meanwhile, a total of 378,160 tons of meat, 1.9 billion of eggs and
650,370 tons of milk were

Myanmar's livestock and  fisheries sector is the fourth largest
contributor to the country's gross domestic products after agriculture,
trade and industrial sectors.