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Amphetamine tablets siezed in Indo-

Amphetamine tablets seized in Indo-Burma border town

May 5, 2000
Imphal, Manipur state

A total of 1997 tablets, weighing 179 grams were seized by the customs
preventive unit in Moreh border town in a raid conducted on April 27,
said a press statement issued by C. Sangate, Deputy Commissioner of
Customs Division in Imphal, Capital of Manipur State. The contrabands
were recovered from the possession of Mr. Kishore Kumar, a resident in
Nagaland State. The statement further said that it is the single largest
seizure of its kind the entire North East of India.

Moreover, the Imphal Free Press, a local daily newspaper mentioned on
May 4 that army personnel of the 7th Assam Refiles in Moreh seized seven
amphetamine tablets and seven grams of heroin on May 1 from possession
of two Moreh residents.