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SPDC waging drug war against Thaila

Subject: SPDC waging drug war against Thailand?:  Report from Edged Blade

30 November 1998 

SPDC waging drug war against Thailand?

	It may be assumed farfetched by some people, but, according one
observer, the Burmese are waging war against Thailand using amphetamines,
instead of smoking guns, as their weapons.

	The observer, who refused to be identified, told SHAN: Some may say Yaba
( amphetamines ) are socially dangerous, but I?d venture to say it is
also economically dangerous. Think of it this way. Say there are 1
million addicts in Thailand. They ?d need at least two tablets a day to
survive, as addicts, which means the total demand each day is 2 million
tablets of Yaba. It costs a minimum of 15 Baht each at the border which
means Thais are giving Burma 30 million baht each day. How much the cash
flow will be for each year-not less than 10 billion baht. Mind you, this
is only a rough calculation, but I guess it may be at least US$ 1 billion
a year for Thailand to pay Burma for their addicts. In time, this shall
certainly cause a trade imbalance, a deficit, in favor of Burma.

	You will remember that Opium Wars in the 19th century were brought about
by the trade imbalances between China and the West. The West,
particularly the British, bought every thing, silk, herbal medicines and
so on, from China. But the latter didn?t want anything from the former
who were regarded as barbarians. As a result, money went to China and
didn?t return. The only way to take them back remained supplying the
Chinese with opium from British India. This in turn caused trade
imbalance in favor of the West. The Chinese, naturally, could not
tolerate opium imports not only because it was a social threat but an
economic, therefore security, threat also. That was how the Opium Wars
began. It might be the same thing here.

	No, with opium and heroin, the Thais are profiting also, because the
main buyers are from the West. But with Yaba, it is almost only Thailand
that want it. So, my friend, if our Thai friends are not able to stop the
unwanted Yaba imports, they might possibly but not probably be brought to
their knees by the Burmese in a few years.

	The S.H.A.N reporter, who knew nothing about economics, took abundant
notes so she could present the news to her readers.



Report from Edged Blade Team 

Soldier Thieves Caught by Villagers. 

Pvt Nyunt Yin and Pvt Nyan Aye Lin from LIB 506 stole one chicken and a
tape recorder from a field-hut in Kungsa village, Hsipaw Township. When
the villagers gave them a chase, Nyunt Yin tried to pull a BA 91 hand
grenade, but fortunately the bomb was faulty and didn?t explode. Both
were tied and delivered to the SPDC authorities. (N.B. Date not




Corporal Hla Shwe from Kyaukme-based IB 22 deserted on 13 June and was
caught in Kangon village in Salingyi Township on 20 September. 

It was learned later that he went to Mandalay to draw supplies from
Warrant Officer Htay Myint, who issued him K. 342,500 worth of assorted

He took them and later sold them in Mandalay and Maymyo before he was
arrested. This is one of the frequent occurrences faced by Burmese
military authorities after the economic crisis worsened and the soldiers?
families were unable to depend on the Army for their subsistence. 



What the military has to know each day

The following is list of topics the local intelligence units have to
cover in their daily reports: 

1.	Movement of Resistance. 

2.	Movement of Political Organizations. 

3.	Movement of Students. 

4.	Movement of Monks. 

5.	Movement of VIPs. 

6.	Weather. 



General Maung Aye Peps Up Officers 

It was learned that General Maung Aye, Deputy Commander in Chief of the
Defense Services, gave a speech in Rangoon at a training course that
containd the following points:

1.	The Four 8?s disturbances were created by rumors and foreign

2.	At that time, we were only a tenth as strong as we are now, and yet we
could even manage 		to subdue the riots. We therefore need not fear
another riot. 

3.	Apart from the armed forces, we have 10 million plus USDA members.