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NLD Statement 113 in English

National League for Democracy
No: (97/b) West Shwegondine Road
Bahan, Rangoon

STATEMENT 113 (11/98)

1. Having its goal as the establishment of a democratic system in the 
country, the National League for Democracy sought and obtained 
registration as a political party on 27 September 1998 under the 
Political Parties Registration Law which was promulgated by the rulers 
who assumed state powers. The provision of Chapter 2, Section 3 read:-

" x x x x x x  Application for registration by any one of the following 
organisations is prohibited-

(a) An organisation declared to be an illegal association under any of 
the laws in force, 

(b) An organisation that is engaged in armed insurrection against the 

(c) An organisation that directly or indirectly receives and utilises  
any moneys, buildings, motor vehicles, or any other property belonging 
to the state, 

(d) An organisation that directly or indirectly receives and utilises 
any moneys, or properties or support from a foreign government or 
religious body or any other organisation,

(e) An organisation that misuses religion for political gain,

(f) An organisation whose membership comprises any member of the 
peoples' armed force, peoples' police force or other security forces, 
any person working in the civil service, state owned commercial 
enterprises, boards or corporations earning salaries the state treasury, 

2. The National League for Democracy obtained registration because there 
was no infringement of any of the above prohibitions. This means that 
registration would not have been obtained had there been a single 
infringement at the time of application and can be cancelled if a 
subsequent infringement occurred.

3. Registration of the National League for Democracy automatically 
includes the registration of the Central Head Office, the branches at 
all levels, States, Divisions, Townships, Wards/Villages, the different 
classified sections and wings established by the central body such as 
the farmers, the workers, the traders, the women and the youth.

4. The demolition and destruction of the limbs of an organisation 
established in conformity with the provision of law made by the rulers, 
through the military intelligence services that are under their control, 
without any legitimate cause is a violation of law by the law makers 

5. The diabolical methods employed by the military intelligence 
personnel in their acts of destruction are as given hereunder:-

(1) NLD MPs elect who are holding positions of Chairman or Secretary of 
organising committees at township level have been unlawfully arrested 
and remain imprisoned for no legitimate reason. 

(2) Non MPs elect holding positions of Chairman or Secretary and all 
members of organising committees in that township have been similarly 
arrested and remain imprisoned.

(3) Instead of honestly admitting these facts they are deceitfully 
broadcasting that consultations are taking place. What is really 
happening is that interrogations are conducted in a similar manner to 
persons committing crimes. No courtesy or consideration is shown towards 
the individuals in accordance with their positions or gender. The 
attitude and manner of the interrogators is base and vindictive.

(4) Permission for families to visit  them at the holding stations have 
been granted to some but not to all. The crafty and foul methods 
employed are intended to cause division and discontent among the members 
of the NLD. 

(5) By the use of force, threats, intimidation and torture they are made 
to resign their positions in the organising committees and from the NLD. 
Our information is that some have been beaten.

(6) Obstructive tactics are used against the families so that they are 
disadvantaged in matters relating to their jobs and personal well-being.

(7) Where members and relatives of the families concerned are holding 
government positions, they are forced to resign and illegally dismissed 
or they may be transferred to outlandish posts. 

(8) NLD  members are illegally evicted from premises that are 
state-owned in violation of the tenancy laws that are in force.

(9) NLD branches that have been unable to effectively function for many 
years have been made to close down to give the appearance that there has 
been a voluntary dissolution.

6. Other tactics employed are through a deliberate campaign by the 
Military Intelligence personnel who call at the homes and apply pressure 
by telling lies and threats to dismember the organisation such as:-

(1) The elderly members of the NLD should resign because the NLD had no 
use for them.

(2) When the NLD was dissolved, the members would all be sentenced to 7 
years imprisonment and that it could be worse later. That the NLD would 
soon be dissolved by the authorities.

(3) That before matters got worse, the MIS was giving this warning. 
Later they would not be in a position to do anything. 

(4) We, the Military Intelligence, are not telling you to resign.(note- 
it is only a matter of giving illegal pressure)

(5) There is no meaning in remaining a member of the NLD. It lowers the 
reputation of the locality.

(6) If you resign you will be given equal privileges in social and 
economic matters. Some members have been falsely promised a sum of two 
million Kyats to get their resignations.

(7) Even if foreign ships enter Burma's waters, things will not change.

(8) Some village councils have issued notices to members stating date, 
time and place and required them to attend at specified military 
intelligence units. This can be only for the purpose of obtaining 
involuntary resignations. 

7. The military intelligence personnel have taken it upon themselves to 
individually campaign against the NLD by phone calls and house visits 
four or five times a day to apply pressure and get resignations which 
reveals with  what hatred and venom they regard the organisation.

8.(a) Members of the NLD have resisted all pressure from the authorities 
for ten whole years because of their strong conviction and determination 
to obtain democracy and human rights for their country. This needs to be 
commended and we do so accordingly.

(b) Until and unless democracy and human rights are attained there is no 
hope for stability, prosperity or social advancement for this country. 
Democracy is our goal. Those who are placing obstacles in the path of 
attaining democracy are solely responsible for lack of progress in the 

(c) Democratic countries are enjoying economic and social advancement 
and these democratic countries are the ones who are assisting the 
undeveloped countries.

9. (a) The demolition and destruction of NLD branches in the township by 
the military intelligence services is unlawful. The NLD has legally 
constituted in accordance with the provision of law decreed by the 
authorities and for the military intelligence to wilfully adopt crafty 
and evil methods to dismember the organisation is disgraceful and 
roundly denounced by us. We condemn all illegal, and unlawful use of 
power and exercise of authority by the military intelligence services. 
All such operations can never be for the advancement of peace and 
stability of the country.

(b) We urge the higher echelons in the military intelligence services to 
order their underlings to immediately stop their illegal activities. If 
they fail to do so the responsibility for consequential events will be 
their entire responsibility.

10. We place on record the determination and laudable stand taken by the 
members of the NLD who have not caved in despite the pressure and 
persecutions rained on them by the military intelligence. Our 
congratulations to the organising committee members for their courage 
and persistence. We urge all our NLD MPs elect, members of organising 
committees and ordinary members to strictly and steadfastly abide by our 
policies and convictions with great determination and discipline.

Central Executive Committee             
National League for Democracy

26 November 1998

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