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NLD Statement 111

National League for Democracy
No: (97/b) West Shwegondine Road
Bahan, Rangoon

STATEMENT 111 (11/98)

Contents of the letter dated 23-11-98 from the Chairman of the National 
League for Democracy to the Chairman of the State Peace and Development 
Council on the subject of  
"Forced labour" is reproduced for everybody's information. 

(BEGINNING) " 1. Salt fields at Koon-gyan-gone Township, Rangoon 
Division about 30 miles from Rangoon are places where people work for a 
living. Our information is that most of  these salt fields are under the 
control of the Army.

         2. Our information is that Number 70 Army Battalion that is 
stationed  in the area is operating the said salt fields and that 
Captain Sein Tin is in command. Persons living in Thaung-Khone and 
neighbouring villages are conscripted forcefully  to work on these 

	3. Our information is that villages that can not supply labour are 
required to pay a sum of nine thousand Kyats a week per village. This 
can amount to about fifty thousand Kyats per work season.

	4. In addition, it is reported that individual soldiers who are 
stationed there from time to time have to be always paid Kyats two 
hundred to three hundred each. 

	5. We urge you to take steps to stop such practices as reported above." 

Central Executive Committee             
National League for Democracy

24 November 1998

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