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NLD Statement 110

National League for Democracy
No: (97/b) West Shwegondine Road
Bahan, Rangoon

STATEMENT 110 (11/98)

Contents of the letter dated 20 November from the Chairman of the 
National League for Democracy to the Chairman of the State Peace and 
Development Council on the subject of 
"Agricultural land in Htan-gone Sub-Township of Kanbalu Township, 
Sagaing Division" are reproduced for everybody's information. 

(BEGINNING) "1. This information on the subject matter received by us 
from the persons concerned is being forwarded to you for necessary 
action. The effected villages are Kaing-yoe, Tha-yet-taw, In-lae-gyi, 
Gyi-bin-tet, Koon-bin-gone, Ma-gyi-gone, Su-tat, phoke-gone, In-daing, 
Nget-pyaw-daing, Kha-ong-daw, Pay-gyo, In-gar-daunt.

	2. The circumstances are as follows:-

(a) On 3 November 1998 at 15:00 hours, two agents of persons who desired 
to purchase land illegally and a female cook accompanied by a sergeant 
and three soldiers from the   Supply and Transport Battalion of the army 
based near the ShweBo Regional College arrived at the area.

(b) Without delineating the land and without a sale deed, and without 
payment of the real value, a document was presented for signatures.

(c) Out of fear, the villages fled their homes but were pursued by the 
sergeant and his group who arrived at the house of U Chit Way at 
Tha-yet-taw village where by threats and interrogation levelled at the 
children they discovered that he was hiding there. U Chit Way was 
threatened and beaten with the butt of the gun and dragged out of the 
house, then forced to sign the illegal document. 

(d) Then they captured and held the children as hostages which made the 
parents more terrified and  involuntarily sign the documents. 

3. Being extremely aggrieved by the above intolerable operations, about 
900 villagers gathered together and demonstrated their disapproval in 
the night (23:00 hours). What happened next is set out below:-

(a) The sergeant and his group and soldiers of the Htan-gone outpost 
were surrounded by the people.

(b) Soldiers from Zigone(Htan-ta-bin township), members of the Union 
Solidarity and Development Association (USDA) went in their motor 
vehicles to their rescue but were prevented from reaching them by road 
blocks. When this failed, ten young girls stood in front of the vehicles 
and stopped them.  The villagers resorted to sling shots and the 
soldiers responded by firing their guns in the air  before they 

(c) On 4 November a party of 12 soldiers from Zigone township and some 
members of the USDA group and a member of the District SPDC arrived at 
the village to assist the sergeant and the representatives of the 
illegal purchasers and put pressure on the villagers. Because of the 
strong resistance by the villagers, the illegal activities of the 
authorities has been temporarily averted.

4. We send you this information so that appropriate investigations can 
be made and punishment meted out to those who have been indulging in 
these illegal activities.(END)"

Executive Committee             
National League for Democracy

23 November 1998

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