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Information Sheet No A-0702(I)

Information Sheet

                               No A-0702(I)                           22

(1)		Land Lease Contract Signed for Construction of Golf Resort and  Advanced
Housing Project 

		A ceremony to sign land lease contract for construction  of Kan Thar Yar
Golf Resort and Advanced Housing Project in Dagon Myothit Seikkan Township was
held at Hotel Equatorial on 21 November. The project will be undertaken by
Services International Recreation Development Co Ltd. under the name of
Myanmar Services International Recreation Development Co Ltd. (MSIRDCL) in
cooperation with Department of Human Settlement and Housing Development. The
project will be undertaken on 221.29 acres of plot in Ward No 73 and 74  in
Dagon Myothit Seikkan Township within four years.  It includes a 18-hole
international  standard golf course, swimming pool, tennis court, 231 single
unit  houses, 600 apartments and other facilities. 

(2)		Sulphuric Acid Seized in Kutkai

		A combined team comprising members of regional intelligence unit, Tatmadaw
(Defence Services) men and People's militia,  acting  on information, cleared
the area near deserted Kaungwaing Village in Kutkai Township, northern Shan
State, on 8 November. They seized ownerless 240 gallons of 60 containers of
sulphuric acid hidden in the bushes near the village.

(3)		Symposium on New Approach to Treatment of Diarrhoea 

		A symposium on a new approach to diarrhoea treatment was held at Traders
Hotel on 21 November by Myanmar Organon Ltd. It was presided over by
Professor and Head of Department of the Children's Hospital, with two speakers
and Senior Lecturer at the Children's  Hospital.  Mr Hans Rouppe van der
Voort, general manager of Myanmar Organon, gave an introductory speech
explaining the potency of antidiarrhoeal agent Antibio. Discussions by the two
speakers explained the use and effectiveness of Antibio in the course of
their work concerning the new approach to treatment of diarrhoea.


		This office is presenting the "Presentation on the Current Political
Situation in Myanmar" by Lieutenant Colonel Hla Min at  the news briefing for
diplomatic corps held in Yangon on 22nd November for your information.  

Presentation on the Current Political Situation  in Myanmar

Excellencies, Ladies & Gentlemen, 
		Good Morning and thank you for coming to this briefing especially on a
weekend. We  welcome the opportunity to review the current situation in
Myanmar and to brief you today about the ongoing discussions between the
Government and some members of the NLD. 

		As you know, a number of NLD members have been staying at Government guest
houses since September 6, at the Government's invitation. These talks are
being held in  order to foster greater understanding of the situation in the
country, and to help maintain the current peace and stability that Myanmar now

		For the Government's part, these talks are helpful in learning how the
grassroots NLD members feel, and whether they support the confrontational and
divisive approach taken by some of the leaders of the group. 

		So far, some 384 NLD members have told us that they do not agree with this
kind of confrontational approach, and that they are not interested in doing
anything against existed law, or participating in activities that would be
detrimental to national security. They want to find ways to help develop
Myanmar in a secure and peaceful manner. These people have gone home, and are
now with their families.

		Those who are remaining for further talks are being comfortably housed and
well fed, and they are being treated with courtesy and respect. They have gone
home for the weekend occasionally, and medical care is provided for them free
of charge. The Government has no wish to detain them for any longer than
necessary, and regrets the inconvenience to those involved. We hope the rest
of the NLD members will soon be home. 

		As you may have noticed, a number of NLD members have been resigning from
the party in recent weeks.  (12) township offices have resigned, with a total
of 1,259 people. We understand that these members have resigned of their own
volition, as they disagree with the NLD leadership's policy of confrontation
and divisiveness.
		The Government welcomes the participation of all the people of Myanmar  in
the process of building a stable, secure and prosperous country, and we look
forward to the participation of all NLD members, as well as those of other
parties, in reaching this national goal.

											        Lt. Col. Hla Min
											       22nd November '98