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KNU Press Release No 41/98


   					 	 KNU Press Release No 41/98
  					 Regarding Human Rights Violation by SPDC


Pa-pan District

*9-10-98: Troops from SPDC army LIB 341 led by commander Myint Oo went
into Kwee-der-ler-taw village in the eastern part Pa-pun and shot and
killed Saw Htoo Wah, age 32 who was a trader .That army took away 1.2
million kyats from him. In addition they also arrested Saw Po Patheh,
age 32 and took him away from the village and later they shot and
killed him on the way. On 16-10-98 that army went into Ee-tu-hat
village and looted animals and money from the traders as follows: 5
buffaloes,180,000 kyats and 10,000 bahts from Po Mwe and 1.2 millions
kyats from Saw Thay Baw.

*12-10-98: Troops from SPDC army IB98 led by battalion commander Zaw
Win went into Po-loe-hra village, western part of Pa Pun and burned
down 2 houses owned by Saw Aung Htun and Saw Maung Loo. That army
brought with them some chemical poisons and fed them to villagers
animals. This incident was the first ever happened in this region.

*24-10-98: Troops from SPDC army LIB 369 went into Po-muhta village
and brutally killed (4)unidentified villagers. On that day those
troops went into Kaw-way-hta village and burned down 8 houses. On
26-10-98 these troops went into Po-Kywai village and tied up Naw Peh,a
75 year old lady w8ith ropes and burned her to death. In addition
those troops burned down 27 houses. On 28-10-98 that army also burned
down 28 house at Kwee -tu-kee village. 

*26-10-98: Troops from SPDC army LIB 360 went into Bu-baw-khee 
village in the northern part of Pa-pun and shot and killed Naw Roe Say
age 60 without any reason. Those troops also took away Saw Pwe Thwai,
age 58 and Saw Pah Day Htoo, age 19 from the village and killed them
on the way. On that day those troops went into Ywa-po-lay village and
burned down 16 houses, 6 paddy field huts and destroyed paddy plants.
On 30-10-98 those troops went into Kaw-wai-doe village and burned down
3 houses. On 1-11-98 that army column went into Doe-peh-doe village
and burned down 9 houses.

*31-10-98: Troops from SPDC army LIB 367 went into Saw-mu-khee 
village and caught some villagers as fallows; (1)Saw Keh Gay Mu, 25
(2)Saw Bu, 57 (3)Naw Pay Say, 35 (4)Naw Ha Htoo, 28 (5)Naw Swai Lay 65
(6)Moo Nay Kree, 10 (7) Saw Maw Htoo, 7 (8)Naw Hah Gay paw, 5 (9)Saw
Htee Lar , 3 (10)Saw pay Swai, 13 (11)Saw kree Hay Moo, 7 (12) Saw wah
Nay Moo, 4 (13)Naw Bu Lar Paw, 4 (14)Naw Eh Nay Paw, 3  (15)Saw Dah
Gay Htoo, 18 (16) Saw Poo lu, 9 Years old. All their belongings were
taken away and they were also taken away by that army from their

* That army column proceeded to Be-kho doe village on that day and
destroyed 3 paddy fields and looted all villagers materials found.
That army column also took away 100 bath, 5,000 kyats 5 tickles of
gold and  15 tickles of silver from Saw Po Baw and also 2,500 kyats
from Saw Koe Ray Moo.

Words & Abbreviations: 
Kyat= Name of Burmese currency SPDC = State peace and Development
Council (Military dictatorship of Burma): LIB = Light Infantry
Battalion IB = In fantry Battalion  Basket =8 gallons; Viss= 1.6 kg