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Cowardice: Turning Deaf Ears and Bl

Subject: Re: Cowardice: Turning Deaf Ears and Blind Eyes to the Censorship

Dear Kyaw Kyaw Htut,
	Perhaps, it is the kind of democracy they are talking about.  It
seems to me that even if (only god help them) these democratic (themselves
called but being relevent is questionable) win SPDC, the new BSPP or SPDC
or the new dictatorship will take place.  They are not trying to change
the system but they are trying to change their position only.  Whatelse?
Have we ever heard of any of these organizations' activities to help the
people except for their political gains?  That revolution is fading away
anyway.  See what the situation in 1988 and at present.  Why we couldn't
take lessons and analyse it for the betterment of the revolution?  No one
really wants to change.  All are calling for a change but no one wants a
change even in themselves.  For which reasons, SPDC will change compare to
this situation?  
	Man, for some people the struggle and the revolution is their
carrier and so, they are making the best out of it for themselves but
noting else for the democracy and the betterment of the people.  I hate
writing this when I am here in US.  Next two years.  I couldn't wait to
get back.  I feel ashame to use the word "revolution" since ours is not.

Yours sincerely,
Kyaw Zay Ya

On Sat, 21 Nov 1998, Kyaw K. Htut wrote:

> Cowardice: Turning Deaf Ears and Blind Eyes to the Censorship
> Remaining silent on someone's attempt to silence the voice of oneself
must be understood as a perfect symbol of intellectual cowardice being
developed among the so-called democrats and revolutionaries of Burma.
> Burma Project of Open Society Institute's decision might have been
influenced by some most-criticized organizations and individuals such as
National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma, All Burma Students'
Democratic Front
> Chairman Dr. Naing Aung, Radio Free Asia (Burmese Sect.)'s director U Soe
Thin, Federation of Trade Unions of Burma (FTUB)'s director Ko Maung Maung.
There is no other reasons which a reasonable Burma watcher can presume to
know as to why Burmanet-l changed from an unmoderated to an moderated
> These organizations and individuals, while shouting at the peak of their
voice for all kinds of freedom for Burmese population in media, have shown
no guts nor courage to confront the allegations against their moral and
political corruption by the compatriots of Burma elsewhere.  And no desire
to improve their tarnished image as well.
> Therefore, their FINAL RESORT is to block these allegations and
criticisms posed by known or unknown persons.  This is a perfect example of
cowardice among the so-called revolutionary organizations, who advocate
themselves as the programmatic base for the whole democratic struggle of
Burma.  Shame. Shame. What a shame!
> And, there are also other people who sympathize those cowards for they
have been, directly or indirectly, benefiting from working with them.
Kaing-kyunn-hmi, kyunn-kaing-hmi policy.  But it is rather a conspiracy for
abusing their revolutionary status in exchange of personal
non-revolutionary gains than a collaboration or correlation for
revitalizing the waning revolutionary tide.
> These people remain silent on this issue.  Shame. Shame. What a shame!
> The conspiracy to murder a freedom of expression once allowed in
Burmanet-l reveals these organizations and individuals' intolerance towards
full freedom.  They follow the same footsteps of Asian dictators Lee Kuan
Yew, Mahathir, Ne Win.  These great oppressors of Asia have the unchanged
opinion that Democracy is not fit for Asians.  So is the freedom of
> It is a shocking truth uncovered after 10 years of the revolution.  What
a shame!  
> For I am being dead critical to their attitude and way of handling public
opinions, they might have now started whispering campaign behind my back
and others' who do the same thing.  The old defamatory tactics that killed
some students in northern Kachin .....spies....spies... spies.
> Cowards used this tactics all the time and will never stop using this
whenever their credibility is challenged. 
> Call me a spy.  But let me call them "the most Cowardly and Crooked
Elements of Burma."
> If Myanmar Alin or any SLORC paper want to use this opinion, they are
free to use.  It is a truth.  I will be so happy because I want the people
of Burma know that we will have another war after we defeat SLORC/SPDC.
> Down with the Coward and the Crook.
> Kyaw Kyaw Htut
> Indiana
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