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bag uk conference

A simple point of clarification as we have understood there to be some
misunderstanding with regard to the BAG/ Christian Aid conference held on
15 October 1998 here in London.

Neither BAG nor Christian Aid sponsored, or paid in any way, for Dr Win
Naing of Japan to attend our conference. He was also not invited by BAG/CA;
we were asked by a colleague of his in the UK whether he might attend. The
conference was an entirely open event attended by a broad cross-section of
people with a variety of views, Dr Win Naing was simply one of them. His
attendance certainly does not indicate that we are in sympathy with his
views. In fact his statement at the conference demonstrates  more clearly
than anything we might ourselves have said, the complete lack of reasoned
argument we have come to expect of the regime. If anyone read what the
regime itself had to say about our conference, the statements of the US and
the UK Burmese Embassies they can surely be in little doubt of our own

If anyone wishes to be clear about BAG's policy and views we would much
prefer that they speak directly to us. We would be more than happy for
anyone to call the office on 0171 281 7377.  Misunderstandings that are not
verified do not help the cause and will only make it a longer struggle as
energies get diverted unnecessarily.

I hope this makes clear our position on this matter.

With many thanks and best wishes