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Information Sheet N0.A-0698 (I)

								Information Sheet
						N0.A-0698 (I)       18th November 1998 

(1)		Secretary-1 Receives Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs of LPDR
		Secretary-1 of the State Peace and Development Council Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt
received Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Lao People's  Democratic
Republic Mr Phongsavath Boupha and party who called at Dagon Yeiktha of the
Ministry of Defence on 17 November. 
(2)		Myanmar's Efforts in Environmental Sanitation Week Movement Win High
		A delegation led by Minister for Health attended the Fourth Ministerial
Level Meeting on the Children's Development Targets in 2000 of East Asia and
the Pacific Region in Bangkok, Thailand, from 12 to 15 November and arrived
back Yangon on 17 November.  The meeting discussed priorities for development,
health and education of the children and all the participating nations
unanimously approved the Bangkok Declaration on the Children's Development
Targets in 2000. Prime Minister of Thailand Mr Chuan Leepai and Executive
Director of UNICEF Ms Carol Bellamy addressed the opening ceremony at the
Hilton International Hotel in Bangkok. Leader of Myanmar delegation Minister
for Health delivered a statement on 13 November on the tasks undertaken in the
health sector in Myanmar. He highlighted the first national environmental
sanitation week activities carried out with public cooperation in the country
under the leadership of the State Peace and Development Council. It was
presented with the aid of a video feature. The UNICEF and participating
nations appreciated Myanmar's having built nearly one million flyproof
latrines during the environmental sanitation week and they said developing
nations should emulate Myanmar's exemplary achievement. The Minister also
discussed maternal and child health, nutrition, environmental sanitation, AIDS
prevention and education, maternal and child care being provided in the
country with the assistance of UNICEF. The meeting was represented by 23
nations in all. Twelve Ministers and five deputy ministers led the
delegations. The Myanmar delegation held separate meetings with Deputy Prime
Minister and Minister for Public Health Mr Korn Dabbaransi and UNICEF
Executive Director Ms Carol Bellamy and discussed health, education and social
sectors. The delegation visited the Rajavithi Hospital in Bangkok. In the
afternoon, it went on a study tour of the Government Pharmaceutical
Organization Factory
(3)		First Meeting of the Myanmar-Lao Border Authorities at Central Level
		The First Meeting of the Myanmar-Lao Border Authorities at Central Level
continued for the second and final day at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on
17 November. Myanmar delegation led by Chairman of the Border Authorities
(Myanmar side) at Central Level Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs U Khin
Maung Win and the Lao delegation led by Chairman of the Border Authorities
(Lao side) at Central Level Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lao People's
Democratic Republic Mr Phongsavath Boupha held cordial discussions on matters
relating to the border areas between the two countries. The leaders of the
delegations signed the record of the agreement. The Lao delegation left Yangon
for home on 17 November.
(4)		Basic Medical Record Practice and Health Information Management Course
		Basic medical record practice and health information management course,
South-East Asia region co-sponsored for by the Ministry of Health and World
Health Organization opened at Medical Research Department on 17 November.  The
course will  help assess medical treatment standard and promote systematic
treatment by recording method. Treatment promotion is included as a priority
programme in the National Health Plan (1996-2001) and that hospital record and
information is the basic requirement in measuring the standard of treatment.
The course will also enhance exchange of knowledge among the nations. It is
also beneficial for the nation as trainees will have the opportunity to meet
with experts of Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia.
Resident Representative of WHO also made a speech. Eighteen trainees of Nepal,
Butan, Maldives and Sri Lanka, two observers from Nepal and two temporary
advisers from Myanmar are attending the one-month course which is being
conducted at Health Planning Department.
(5)		Myanmar Industrial Delegation Leaves for Japan
		A Myanmar delegation led by Deputy Minister for Industry-1 left Yangon for
Japan by air on 17 November  to study ceramic industries.