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NLD Statement 98 in English

National League for Democracy
No: (97/B), West Shwegondine
Bahan Township, Rangoon

Statement 98 (11/98)

	A letter dated 2 November 1998 from the Chairman of the National League 
for Democracy to the Chairman of the State Peace and Development Council 
relating to the forced labour on virgin and unoccupied land expropriated 
by the Military in the Htantabin township of Rangoon division is 
herewith reproduced for information.

(f)  " Subject- Forced labour

	1. Information received is that about 100 areas of  land has been 
expropriated by the Military in the Htantabin township, Rangoon 
Division. This unoccupied land is marshland with bogs and covered with 

	2. Our information is that about 500 people from Htantabin township are 
daily forced to clear the area.

	3. Our information is that the labourers are forced to work 
continuously in rain and sun without any rest and that this operation is 
supervised by Maj Lwin Soe from a military unit based at Anyasu which is 
on the Rangoon-Nyaungdon road.

	4. One of these forced labourers by the name of U Myo Myint from 
Nyaungyoe village of Htantabin township was bitten by a poisonous snake 
on 29 October and first sent to the Rangoon General Hospital for 
treatment but later transferred to the new hospital (New Japanese 
Hospital). Our information is that he was still in a coma on 30 October 

	5. The people are compelled to supply one person per household for the 
cultivation of land for the army and those households that do not comply 
are threatened by the authorities in the villages that " the army will 
get you. It is your responsibility". This is outright injustice. It is 
proper that cordial and agreeable relations exits between the army and 
the people.

	6. The powers that he have been proclaiming to the world that there is 
no forced labour in Burma. The above events reveal the truth of the 

	7. We ask that steps be taken to stop the conscription of people and 
forcing them to supply labour as shown above. We strongly denounce the 
commission of acts that are not appropriate " (END)

Central Executive Committee 
National League for Democracy

2 November 1998    

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