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NLD Statement 100 in English

National League for Democracy
No: (97/B), West Shwegondine
Bahan Township, Rangoon

Statement 100 (11/98)

1.	Ko Htoon Tint Way (a) Ko Htoon Zaw Zaw, one of the leaders of the 
Central Youth wing of the NLD was handed down a sentence out of all 
proportion to the offence he was charged with by the Rangoon Division, 
Thingangyun Court on 2 November 1998.

2.	He was charged under Sections 420 and 468 of the Penal Code. The 
Sentence was 7 years for offending Section 420 and 7 years for Section 
468 which are maximum sentences for each offence.

3.	In awarding the maximum sentences allowed under the law, there is 
reason to believe that severity and harshness resorted to are indicative 
of  hatred and spite.

4.	The National League for Democracy makes a serious and emphatic 
denunciation of the actions of the authorities.

Central Executive Committee
National League for Democracy

5 November 1998.  

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