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NLD Statement 96

National League for Democracy
No: (97/B), West Shwegondine
Bahan Township, Rangoon

Statement 96 (10/98)

1. The members of the  Military Intelligence, without any justification 
whatsoever, have illegally arrested and held in custody and imprisoned 
NLD parliamentarians, NLD organising committee members from the states, 
divisions, townships, wards and villages, and other ordinary NLD members 
since the 27 and 28 May, 1998.

2. We have repeatedly reminded the authorities that it is the entire 
responsibility of the arresting  military intelligence units to provide 
proper food, accommodation and medical attention for those they are 
holding illegally in their custody. Why are they still holding them if 
they are incapable of taking such responsibility? They must be release 
immediately and unconditionally.

3. Failure to fulfil this responsibility has resulted in the premature 
death of U Aung Min, NLD organising committee member of the North-East 
Township, Mandalay Division on the 21st of October, 1998 while in 
custody at Number 109 Military Battalion.

4. U Aung Min was 53 years old and was in charge of the Mandalay 
Division NLD office, Joint Secretary of the North- East Township, and 
Chairman of Maw-ra-ge-war Ward. He performed all his duties efficiently, 
loyally and with integrity. He was illegally arrested and taken into 
custody on the 6 September 1998. He had committed no offence whatsoever.
Because of his passion for democracy and human rights he had no fear and 
acted with great courage and honesty. Acting in this manner does not 
constitute any offence. He was serving his country nobly.

5. He was buried on 23 October, 1998 at the Kyanikan cemetery. The 
funeral was attended by about 100 NLD members dressed appropriately in 
uniform. The family rejected whatever assistance was offered to them by 
the military intelligence.

6. U Aung Min became ill while in custody and refused medicines offered 
to him by the arresting authorities. He exercised his right to refuse 
their offer. Dr Htay Hlaing , another NLD member was his companion in 
custody and he requested medical treatment from him but the doctor was 
himself unwell and had no medical facilities to enable him to attend to 
his needs. U Aung Min's family has informed us that prior to his arrest, 
U Aung Min had no medical problems. For a healthy person to suddenly 
meet with his death within forty five days of arrest is an event that 
gives rise to suspicion.

7. The National League for Democracy hereby places on record its 
gratitude and pride for the loyal service rendered to the party by U 
Aung Min and his adherence to the democratic and human rights policies 
adopted by the party right up till his demise. We salute you.

8. This incident that has caused irreparable loss of an individual and 
suffering and sorrow to the family is deplorable and strongly denounced 
by the NLD. The NLD again gives notice to the authorities that there 
should be no repetition of such occurrences..
Central Executive Committee
National League for Democracy
30 October 1998.

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