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To burmanet and all concerned,

I have been following with interest the censorship and its aftermath, 
and before that, the mudslinging and profane language being used by some 

For what it's worth, I would like to put in my two cents worth of say, 
and strongly protest this act of censorship, when one of the underlying 
objective of this website is to create and  promote freedom of ideas and 
thoughts and, most important - speech.

The subjects discussed may or may not have been groundless , evidence 
and proof may be unsubstantiated - but the fact is that all those 
mudslinging cannot be without a reason. There is no smoke without fire- 
goes the old adage and therefore most of the issues should have been 
followed up ,instead of being suppressed. 

I would however agree that in presenting our views and comments we 
should follow a code of ethics and be careful not to use profane 
language. That "control" is entirely dependent upon the authors and I , 
for one never bother to read messages that I think are just personal 
attacks and presented very uncouthly to say the least. 

The freedom to express as well as the freedom to read what you like 
should be enjoyed by all who are trying , each in his own way to carry 
out their part in this revolution.

Feeding your subscribers only selected /censored articles amounts to the 
same as reading the New Light of Myanmar. Surely , you should be above 
that level.

Please reconsider.


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