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Who is Strider?

Dear All,

I got a information from a friend from DC about Strider.  It is very funny
for me to know that he does not want to reveal his name, why? Is his life
is in danger? no, not at all, not from us.  I dare to speak out by showing
my own identity.  Why not Strider?  Under military rule, the writers who
attacked Daw Suu never dare to show their own identity because they know
that they are opposing the peoples' will and they are absolutely wrong.
Now Burma net is opposing the majority's will and following the same path.
What a shame?  Am I rude?

Strider need to face the reality.  If George Sorus know about this, he will
be very upset and ashame.  His organization, OSI has been censoring Burma
net for protecting so called personal attack.

Never compromise for free media

with respect

Htun Aung Gyaw