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You Wrote

Evidence is increasing that the
>      Burmese soldiers and their commanders are employing
>      another tool of war against minority populations: the rape
>      of ethnic women. Earth Rights International (ERI) which
>      says that rapes also occur ''as part of a programme of
>      ***ethnic cleansing*****''. 
>       a policy of '****blood mixing'' and Burmanisation**** of 
initiated >  >       which offers monetary bonuses to soldiers who
>      ''occupy'' Shan women
>      ''We must deviously attack those who are not Burman in
>      economic as well as social ways,'' says the document.
>      ''The easiest way to implement these ideas is to occupy
>      [marry or impregnate] women who are not Burman.'' The
>      document goes on to offer a monthly financial reward to
>      ''anyone who can occupy a Shan woman''. 
>      Hsaw Wa encountered the Burmanisation letter in three
>      different areas of Burma -- from two independent sources
>      who showed him the letter, and a . A member of a
>      local women's organisation, the woman told Apple last
>      year that ''the Burmese soldiers think Burman blood is the
>      best. People talk about the rape a lot. People say that the
>      Burmese soldiers want to make more Burman babies.'' 
>      ****''Great Ruling Burmans''**** to ''diligently convince
>      Shan women to gradually bow to Burmanisation'', is the
>      common belief among soldiers that they can win over
>      ethnic women through giving them sufficient sexual
>      pleasure to induce them to fall in love.  Burmese soldiers
>      can increase the majority population through more Burman
>      births [the offspring is considered to bear the ethnicity of
>      the father only] and decrease the number of ethnic
>      minorities through death resulting from sexually
>      transmitted diseases, botched abortions, suicides, and
>      actual injuries from the rapes,'' says the report. 


Dear  ethnic minorities and majorities

First,I like to condemn the act of raping and killing of women by 
Army(Actually it should not called Burmese Army).And I would like to 
show my sympathy to these victims as my mother ,as my sister , and as my 

The country Myanmar is Born from the Union of Ethnic groups including 
Myanmar. It is very clear to say that whatever places in Myanmar you 
belong to, you are definitely a Myanmar (Burman). 

Kachin,Kayar,Karen,Chin,Mon,Myanmar,Arakan,Shan.. All are Burmen as all 
stroked for the Independence of Our country with strong dedications.

The word "Burmanization" make some controversial to all. From my 
personal point of view, all ethnic groups have already been Burmanized 
as soon as Burma regained her independence from British because of the 
memorial,invaluable and heroic dedications of these nationalities. Karen 
is burman, Kachin is burman Myanmar is burman Mon Shan....so on.

Somebody may say that Myanmars are of leading ethnic group who usually 
look down on, take advantages over, and suppress other minorities. I 
always deny to this. Do you know who is/was the culprit?????


The article said that Military launch Burmanization...Everybody knows 
that Military contains other ethnic nationalities ( some of them 
couldn't speak burmese, believe it these soldiers were common in Yangon 
during 1988 Suppression). So,this word Burmanization is absolutely 
non-sense whatever military name it. We could say it as "the most brutal 
act of Military Dictators", BRUTALIZATION.

The Main Objective of my letter is to alert the all nationalities that
all including myanmar ethnic group want democracy and affections among
individuals of groups. 

Imagine that Beautiful Burma plenty of natural resources with 
inhabitants smiling at and helping each other towards the peaceful 

With best wishes and regards


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