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<< There is a growing body of evidence that a pre-existing
       plan of ethnic cleansing is in place in Burma, organised
       and carried out by the Tatmadaw. According to a
       document marked ''top secret'' and apparently issued a
       few weeks after the military takeover in 1988, a policy of
       ''blood mixing'' and Burmanisation of ethnic minorities was
       initiated which offers monetary bonuses to soldiers who
       ''occupy'' Shan women. Top officials of Burma's
       government in exile and human rights investigators in the
       region believe that this two-page document, in the form of
       a letter, originated from high levels of the ruling military
       junta.  >>

       Okkars, HlaMin, Thaung  Tun,KyawThein,

    Why don't you guys send your wives and daughters there???How about NeWin's
daughters...Let's start with Sanda Win....KinNyunt's wife would be nice
    The freedom and justice may come later but they will surely come....It's
mean , your time will come too...get ready guys make sure to let  your wives
and daughters know it too...