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Election Victory in India

Election Victory Celebration held in India

All pro-democracy groups in India celebrated the 8th anniversary of
Election victory in Delhi and on the border today.

In India, there are three political parties, which contested in 1990
election and become in exile. In 1990 multi-party democracy election, the
NLD won 392 seats, the Araken League for Democracy (ALD) won 11 seats and
Chin National League for Democracy (CNLD) won 3 seats. 

While the NLD party, resisting the immense pressure by the SPDC held its
two-day meeting marking the election in Rangoon, India-base pro-democracy
groups, neglecting 45C celebrated the election victory in Delhi this
morning. The celebration was held in Maharaja banquet hall at 9 a.m. The
elected members of Parliament, Dr. Tint Swe of NLD and U Tha Noe of ALD
presided over the function at which 50 people attended. In his speech, Dr.
Tint Swe pointed out that the 1990 election results were not only still
valid by Election Law, but also the wish of the people was the same as
that of 1990. U Tha Noe reiterated his party's full cooperation with NLD
to establish democratic Union of Burma.

The NCGUB, NLD/LA, Araken League for Democracy (Exile) and Chin National
League for Democracy (Liberated area) and Unite Nationalities League for
Democracy (Liberated area) statements were read out by concerned persons.
Other pro-democracy students, women and labor organizations sent the
messages to the ceremony. The statements and messages dominantly called
for the Parliament to convene, a dialogue to solve the political problems
and to abolish the sham National Convention.

U Than Sein, an elected MP of NLD presided the same function held in
Aizawl this morning. Likewise, U Bo Thaung, an elected MP from NLD and
other pro-democracy groups celebrated in Moreh, the border town in

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