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THE NATION: Refugees, be warned


      Refugees, be warned

      The Nation's editorial, ''Harassment of
      Burmese exiles must stopped'' (May 23), is
      commendable. Obviously, the Thai
      government policy has failed the refugees.
      One day it is a Foreign Ministry issue, the
      next day it is a national security concern.
      Chuan and company had hit the road to
      gloat about their kindness to the refugees
      but when they arrived home they handed
      the problem over to those who care less for
      the concern and welfare of these refugees. 

      The other variable is the special interests
      (private business) who help in making sure
      that the exiles have the worst time possible,
      and then there are those who profess to
      work with or for the national security of
      Thailand and are not even employed by the
      government. These culprits are only
      interested in their own self interests. 

      I have worked with the Burmese and seen
      the problems face by the refugees on a
      daily basis. Thailand should do more to
      protect them. 

      Melinda Mendelson 

      Phoenix, US