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NEWS- Myanmar Implements Greening P

NOTE: There would be less desert and more than 51% forest if they had
not made deals with Thai companies to cut and sell hardwoods cheaply.
The non-government SPDC, only wants a good image not a good, green and
clean country.  The only green the care about is money. 

           Myanmar Implements Greening Projects in Arid Zone


           YANGON (May 20) XINHUA - The
           Myanmar State Forestry Department
           is implementing greening projects in
           the arid zone in the central part of the
           country after tree plantations were
           successfully established in the zone
           during the last three fiscal years. 

           The projects include the
           establishment of nurseries,
           conservation of remaining natural
           forest from further deterioration,
           replacement of fuel wood, restoration
           of watershed areas and
           establishment of water resources,
           The New Light of Myanmar reported

           According to the paper, Myanmar
           planted more than 16 million trees in
           areas of over 21,000 hectares
           between fiscal 1994-95 and 1996-97,
           of which 90 percent were successful.
           The project covered 57 townships
           and 15 mountain ranges in three

           The three divisions of Mandalay,
           Sagaing and Magway constitute the
           arid zone of the country where
           residents experienced an acute
           shortage of water even for human

           The local authorities are also
           advocating that people use wood
           substitute fuel such as briquettes and
           fuel-efficient stoves, the paper said. 

           On the other hand, Myanmar has
           also been building irrigation facilities
           in the arid zone for agriculture and
           human consumption, it said. 

           Officials said the greening projects
           are being extended to 13 districts
           from nine in the arid regions. 

           Myanmar's forest covers about 51
           percent of the total land area.