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NEWS - Stimulant Drug Tablets Seize

NOTE : More useless and exagerated news through the Xinhua news agency.

Stimulant Drug Tablets Seized in Myanmar


           YANGON (May 20) XINHUA - The
           Myanmar authorities seized over
           44,000 tablets of amphetamine
           stimulant drug in a southeastern
           border town early this month, official
           newspaper The New Light of
           Myanmar reported Wednesday. 

           The stimulant drug was confiscated
           in Tachilek bordering Thailand on
           May 7 by a combined team of the
           Myanmar Defense Services
           Intelligence units, special anti-drug
           squad and local police force which
           stopped and searched a car passing

           The men on the car then threw down
           a packet containing the stimulant
           drug, the report said. 

           Steps were being taken to arrest the
           culprits, it said. According to official
           statistics, the authorities seized more
           than 5 million amphetamine stimulant
           tablets along with 1,400 kilograms of
           heroin in the country in 1997.