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Look at What's KarlMark Says (r)

In a message dated 98-05-12 10:58:30 EDT, you write:

<< I am sorry posting it, but everyone can learn how bad  the SPDC attitude is
 under the account name of KarlMark@xxxxxxxx 
 >Subj:	Re: $1,000,000 cash for Ne Win's head
 Date:	98-05-11 23:37:35 EDT
 From:	KarlMark
 ,000cash for rangoonpost's head & his wife's pussy. <
Dog HlaMIn,Dog Kyaw Thein,
       That's the best you can come up with????You guys getting lower than
YOu guys need new agents to carry your dumb job..
        Watch out HlaMin and KyawThein...Non of your soldiers will pay your
wife and your daughters to that prices....Take your family back home to
Burma....Your soldiers will take care your wife for you...