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NEWS- Myanmar, UN Discuss Drug Erad (r)

TheTruth@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> NOTE: We MUST contact Pino Arlacchi of the UNDCP to tell/show him the
> errors of his ways.
> 1) If the people had a better plant other than poppies to make money
> with so they can buy food, this would help lessen the problems.
> 2) Many groups make money to buy weapons to fight the SLORC/ SPDC.  If
> the SLORC/ SPDC gives up and creates a peaceful country, then the money
> from the drugs wouldn't be needed as it is now.
> Myanmar, UN Discuss Drug Eradication
>          Xinhua
>          12-MAY-98
>          YANGON (May 12) XINHUA - Visiting United Nations officials
>          are exploring with Myanmar counterparts ways for
>          eradication of narcotic drugs.
>          Assistant Secretary General of the U.N. and Executive
>          Director of the UNDCP (United Nations Drug Control
>          Program) Pino Arlacchi and his party are now on a visit to
>          Myanmar.
>          Pino and Major General Soe Win, secretary of the Myanmar
>          Central Committee for Drug Abuse Control and Director
>          General of the Police Force, held discussions on the matter
>          Monday, official The New Light of Myanmar newspaper
>          reported Tuesday.
>          The UNDCP plans to draft a 10-year project for the
>          elimination of poppy cultivation and development of opium
>          substitute undertakings in Myanmar, which was also
>          discussed during the visit of another UNDCP mission, led by
>          project planning senior consultant John Leake, in March,
>          according to an earlier official report.
>          Myanmar has been cooperating with the UNDCP in drug
>          elimination in four projects of integrated rural development in
>          remote eastern Shan state's Mongyang and Tachilek and
>          Southern Wa region's Wan Ho Tao since 1994. Three of the
>          projects were completed in 1996 and 1997 and the
>          remaining one is to be implemented this year.
>          The UNDCP has also been involved in some multilateral
>          anti-drug cooperation projects between Myanmar and its
>          neighboring countries.

  New Yorkers were kidnapped by Burmese Government
By U Thaung

 The Burmese military government has kidnapped a huge number of New Yorkers
and is demanding millions of dollars as ransom from the US Government. It
appears that  the US Government might  surrender in the near future.
 The blackmail diplomacy of ransom  for irradiating opium fields was first
introduced by Golden Triangle Drug  King  Khun Sa a few years ago by
demanding millions of dollars from the American Government for wiping out
the opium fields. Perhaps Khun Sa the lord of drug, now residing at May Kha
road military  elite quarters in Rangoon is advising the Burmese Generals
for this cruel scheme.
 Nowadays the Burmese  military government's top priority is to fight drug,
even though all the generals are sharing the wealth of drug monies from the
two drug warlords. They are aiming for the forthcoming  UN Drug Conference ,
that will introduce a plan to aid billion of dollars from World Bank to the
drug producing nations to substitute other crops in the opium fields.
 Action started with inviting newsmen from New York Times, Newsweek and
other journalists and showing how  sincerely they want to fight the drug.
They are planning to invite America senators too.
Col. Kyaw Thien, the chief of Myanmar's counternarcotics program,
explained "This drug problem is not only the problem of the United States.
It's our problem too.  We know that we cannot fight this alone" when he met
the newsmen.
    "We think we can get rid of 60 percent of the heroin going into the U.S.
in 12 months' time if the U.S. cooperates with us," said Lieut. Col. Hla
Min, the deputy director of the Office of Strategic Studies, a planning
branch of  military intelligence.
 The reason behind these offerings is that the Burmese Government wants to
perpetuate itself in power. For that they want to change their image and
they need money.  Because of heavy military spendings and high theivings of
the generals, the nation's coffers are totally empty  today. Thay cannot
continue their repressive rule without American dollars.
 For the purpose of prolonging their power, the generals would do anything,
even  really irradiating the drug fields. What would the US Government do?
The United States had cut off counternarcotics aid to  Burma  following the
coup in 1988.
Restoring such aid could undercut other American economic sanctions and lend
legitimacy  to a dictatorship that stands accused of widespread abuse of
human rights.
 Even yesterday in Geneva the UN Human Rights Commission  unanimously
adopted a resolution attacking widespread human-rights abuses in Burma.
     Forget human rights. The American Government will first have to save
it's sons and daughters from drugs. We can see that the US would surrender
the Burmese generals soon.
 If the Burmese generals succeeded in this blackmail diplomacy and collect
ransom from the US ,the fate of 45 million Burmese would be enslaved for
 No one can do anything.  This is a mad world with cruel dictators.
          U Thaung