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Bangkok Post (10/5/98) news

1): 12 million tablets smuggled in from Burma each day
2): Un-neigbbourly acts

12 million tablets smuggled in from Burma each day

As many as 12 million amphetamine tablets are amuggled into the country
from Burma each day, said Thongchai Chaiprom, a coordinator of the northern
bereau of the Office of Narcotics Control Board.

Expressing grave concern over the alarming increase in the inflow of
speeding pill, he said the pills were being produced in territories under
the control of Red Wa tribesman and being smuggled into the country from
many border points in Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son and Chiang Rai provinces.

Apart from amphetamines, Thongchai said a new drug which is similar to
"Ecstasy" had found its way into Chiang Mai.

He noted that although Wa-controlled areas were though to be the main speed
pill production centres, the use of amphetamines in these areas was
unusually low.

Un-neighbourly acts

Burmese forces invade and seized part of a Mae Hong Son village, border
officials said. The Burmese were hunting Shan rebels, and it appeared
possible they were ignorant of exactly were the border was.