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Burmese passport tax situation in 1

First Burmese Language Internet Radio in the World
Dear listeners,

The 10 May98 program of Radio Free Burma is available now.  You can listen 
either Radio Free Burma page http://www.fast.net.au/rfb   or 
http://users.imagiware.com/wtongue/ of the Radio Free Burma originally on 
2NBC in Australia, is now available for real-time playback via Real Audio. 
This is a Burmese-language program featuring Burma news, U Thaung's 
article, views and music of Burma presented by Burmese now living in 
Australia. It will be appreciated any suggestion about program, Please 
sends E-mail to (rfb@xxxxxxxxxxx )Many thanks to Mr Wrightson Tongue ,Burma 
Net and all listeners.
Radio Free Burma www.fast.net.au/rfb