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Defector of former KNU Aung San vs (r)

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<< Subj:	 Defector of former KNU Aung San vs people
 Date:	98-05-07 10:01:14 EDT
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 The SPDC demanded 1,500 to 5,000 Kyats from every family  of Pa-an township
 for clearing the ground around Natkyun village, (from Nga Bye Ma hill to
 Hlaing Bwe stream).  The place planning to clear is for Aung San, a former
 KNU who defected  to the junta in April, 1998.
 The junta agreed to grant 500 acres of fields to Aung San and his 200
 People are grudging for that purpose. 
 Aung San,
         YOu are done pal.... YOu got nothing left in your life... YOu  have
stolen thousands of dollors from KNU budget which devided toward refugees
camp.. Now you are robbing land and money from your own Karen people who live
in Pa-an township with the help of SPDC guns.
          SPDC are screwing you with your own expenses... They make everyone
from Pa-an hate you.... YOu and SPDC deserved each other.