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    "Tell the PRC guy to explain the occupation of Tibet"

Since he used the term "peaceful coexistence" I thought my one liner was
pretty appropriate. But I also saw the vehement remarks from
"echelony@xxxxxxx" ,  I would like to know who echelony (baloney) is.

Some of the points he makes are quite true. Sure there are opportunists within
the pro democracy camp. I have seen them come, and I have seen them go. They
do not stick around too long. They usually become "active" for a very specific
purpose and as soon as that goal is achieved, they disappear. 

He raises the concerns of the ethnic minorities. That is definitely a
legitimate concern and we have addressed it during many of the meetings,
conferences and seminars held in the US and other countries and even in
Manerplaw during DAB meetings. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi always includes all the
ethnic minorities in her demands for a dialogue with SLORC/SPDC.

The question is, would you have the military junta guarantee the ethnic
minorities equal rights and democratic freedom (something wrong with this
statement) or would you rather discuss this within a coalition of democratic
parties (after the military is deposed) ????

burmanet-l provides us a platform for public debate and discussion. Let us not
abuse this resource and use it to gain better understanding of all points of
view with the good of our country and people as the "one" and "only" goal.

Richard Aung Myint
Mountain View, CA

(my name is not suppressed)