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NLD's Karen New Year Statement(Engl

           Letter of Felicitations on Occasion of Karen New Year

	The occasion of passing from Old Karen year to the New is a time when
there is a regeneration of shoots and buds of  hope. For the blooming of
these buds and shoots, it is necessary for us to leave the soiled and
decaying thoughts and attitudes in the past and face the future. Only when
we aim for a review not only in words but also in deeds that will we be
able to step into a really auspicious New Year. 

	The National League for Democracy wishes all the Karen people, young and
old,  to be able to leave behind all the miseries they have to face in the
past and  walk to the future with peace and security! 

	It is the duty of all citizens, with the genuine spirit of  federalism, to
create conditions for the peace and security of life of our ethnic brothers
and sisters. Accordingly, the National |League for Democracy, which is
striving for establishment of  a democratic federation, maintain the
development of culture and traditions, together with livelihood, of the
ethnic nationalities, as one of its principal objectives. 

	In the year of 2737, Karen Era, the National League for Democracy shall
increase many folds its effort to realize the objectives of democracy and
human rights of the Karen brothers and sisters, together with all the
ethnic nationalities of  the Union.

National League for Democracy
December 29, 1997