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White House Press Release For Burma

   Presidential Determination Report to  
   Congress Regarding Conditions in  Burma   
   and U.S. Policy Toward  Burma   
   Pursuant to the requirements set forth under the heading  
"Policy Toward  Burma"  in section 570(d) of the FY 1997 Foreign  
Operations Appropriations Act, as contained in the Omnibus  
Consolidated Appropriations Act (Public Law 104-208), a report is  
required every 6 months following enactment concerning:  
   1) progress toward democratization in  Burma;   
   2) progress on improving the quality of life of the Burmese  
people, including progress on market reforms, living standards,  
labor standards, use of forced labor in the tourism industry, and  
environmental quality; and 

   3) progress made in developing a comprehensive, multilateral  
strategy to bring democracy to and improve human rights practices  
and the quality of life in  Burma,  including the development of a  
dialogue between the State Law and Order Restoration Council  
(SLORC) and democratic opposition groups in  Burma.   
   You are hereby authorized and directed to transmit the  
attached report fulfilling this requirement to the appropriate  
committees of the Congress and to arrange for publication of this  
memorandum in the Federal Register.  
REGION: 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals - Virginia, West Virginia, North 
Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, D.C. 
INDUSTRY-CODE: Executive, legislative, and general government, except finance 
LOAD-DATE: December 5, 1997