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News About the Fate of the Arrested

Dear all,
	Among those twenty dissidents arrested in Sangkhlaburi, Thailand
have been kept in Thoung Phaphung detention center.  NSC is handling the
case and NSC put six guards there to keep watching them.  NSC told them
that they wouldn't be sent back to Burma and they would not be sent back
to Sangkhlaburi either.  NSC said that they would be sent to safe-area no
matter whether or not they agree.  Present NSC chairman is the prime
minister of Thailand.  Despite the close watch, one from the group managed
to escape from the detention and taking refuge in somewhere. For that
escape, an Arakan man from ALP was beaten by The Thai police.

  Among them, Ko Nyi Nyi from DPNS is seriously ill  because of the lack
of medical care in the detention.  Moreover, two boys who have been
arrested together with them,  are also ill.  They haven't got any medical
treatment and they have been fed just a little.  Because of his lung
disease, his health will be in at great risk if he doesn't get treated

Kyaw Zay Ya
Indiana University