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Displaced Women's Weaving Project's

Dear all who are interested in helping self-reliance projects,
	A group of displaced women in Sangkhlaburi has been operating a
weaving project to find funds to help other displaced people in that area,
deportees from IDC, and other refugees in need.  They are producing laptop
computer bags, bags, shirts, blankets, and all others.  They would like to
find market to sell their products for thier funding (will not
overcharge).  Those who are interested in helping self-reliance projects,
please contact them to advise about the possible market and to find market
for them.  If such projects work out, other women groups will hopefully
start working similar projects too.  
	The woman who is coordinating the project is Naw Daisy and her
telphone and fax number is (66-34)595-418. 
	They would like express their gratitude to Mr. Ken Kawasaki and
Wisakha Kawasaki for your enormous help to them.  Thank for your help to

Kyaw Zay Ya
Indiana University