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you are also the same! (r)

Hi Lulay,
	I did not flee from PDF and I didn't abandon my comrades there.  I
am still a member of PDF and I am still working for them.  I came to
Bangkok to find money with my work (as I have been assigned by the group)
and I came to US to study here but I still sending money with my saving
from what I got.  Almost all my money go to PDF.  You should have asked
all PDF members before telling such groundless thing.  Who will say I left
them behind?  You can ask Ko Kyaw Htet, Ko Htoo CHit and all members of
PDF about what I am doing.  
	I did work in an NGO but that doesn't mean I got support from
NGOs.  I found money with my sweat not with my mouth.  When I was in
Bangkok, I collected all information about SDC and the detail information
of them, UNHCR's treatement for all students and refugees, and I
disseminated those information to all Human Rights groups to take action.
I myself, also argued with UNHCR alot about those situation and UNHCR
rejection of the students.   I didn't go to any demonstration in Bangkok
because I didn't have time to do so and I didn't want to.  I have been
doing all I can do for the group and the revolution.  Guy, you should
better try to know before telling something.  
	I am still alive in the struggle and I am stil trying to do
something for it.  Don't blame carelessly.   You can ask every members of
PDF about my stance.
Kyaw Zay Ya

On 1 Dec 1997 luhla@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Kyaw Za Ya,
> You are also not different from Mg Mg Than. After Aba U Sein Mya died, 
> you left you troops in the jungle and fleed to Bangkok. You tried to 
> escape yourself in the crisis. And you worked in JRS. JRS is also NGO. 
> You also received money from NGO and worked for them. 
> Before you criticized the others, try to see yourself who you are. You 
> get paied by the NGO for your effort to report the NGOs what Burmese are 
> doing. Those NGOs breed the students who never get along with the 
> others, like you, for their information collectors. How many time did 
> you talk with the student organizations in Bangkok to launch the 
> campaigns for the refugees and the students in SDC? How many time did 
> you participate in the campaigns, demonstrations and ceromanies for the 
> movements during your stay in Bangkok?
> Please know yourself before pointing out others.
> Truth is the truth.
> lulay 
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Kyaw Zay Ya
Indiana University