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Keep quite please

Dear Ko Mg Mg Than,
You talk too much.
What happened the money you received from student Union in 1995/96?
You spent them all for personal use. You went to BKK for nothing.
So, you've got kicked out from you organisation.

Bye now,

Soe Soe
Aung Win   

Dear Nyeinchan,
Posting like this and most of yours are the worst kind.They made no 
points whatsoever. I call you , a spammer, in the Burmanet.Most of 
Burmanetters read daily news papers and various periodicals. We know  
what is going on around the world. Don,t bother posting spams! If you 
cannot make a legitimate point, don,t do that again.
I can post just about anything not directly related to Burma, I only 
need to copy and paste from media sites . Not a big deal. If you , 
yourself is in the process of soul-searching , eagar to learn about 
everything just DO IT YOURSELF.
Do not think your rubbish cost nothing. They cost our PC? memory, time, 
energy, money ( I don?t use Juno at public access so I have to pay for 
downloading your spams)
What make me sick of you is that you are not posting huge amount of text 
only gossip like  GN 32 presedent is goint to Autralia,  So what?  Give 
me a brake, mate!
This is the last warning that you should behave yourself during your 
stay in the Burmanet.
If you don?t want to listen to this. Take off your mask and Get In The 
Maung Maung Than
Phone & Fax 612 97378637

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