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Stop Spammers like Nyeinchan!

  Dear Nyeinchan,
        Posting like ' SPECIAL REPORT CITIES and and many of yours are the
worst kind.They made no points whatsoever. I call you , a spammer, in the
Burmanet.Most of
Burmanetters read daily news papers and various periodicals. We know
what is going on around the world.  If you cannot make a legitimate point
directly related to Burma , don,t bother posting.     I can post just about
anything not directly related to Burma, I only need to copy and paste from
media sites into Email program  . Not a big deal. If you , yourself, is in
the process of soul-searching , eagar to learn about everything ,just DO IT
    Do not think your rubbish cost nothing. They cost our PC' memory, time,
energy, money ( I don't use Juno at public access so I have to pay for
downloading your spams). Consider hundreds of people are suffering the same
as I do because of you.
    What make me sick of you is that you are not only posting huge amount of
text but also nasty gossip like ' GN 32 presedent will go to Autralia' ,  So
Give me a break , mate!
    This is the last request that you should behave yourself during your
stay in the Burmanet. Self-control and mutual respect is essential in any
democratic society.

Maung Maung Than
Phone & Fax 612 97378637
( Spam = unwanted , unsolicited email message)